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Announcing the publication of Catabasis: Journey to the Underworld, an exploration into the structure of consciousness. From a base in oral or hearing cultures, cultures whose individuals hear better than they see, consciousness can be said to mature by an exposure to print, which begins to affect large numbers of people with the proliferation of print—books, newspapers, magazines—first in Paris by the 1850s, separating sight from sound, vision from hearing, causing the rise of a new middle class, and concurrently a new class of Secondarily Oral people entranced by amusement and spectacle, and Modernism itself. It’s a work of enormous social and cultural significance, that could well provide a completely new understanding of society and of ourselves.

The work includes a series of photographic essays examining the look, feel and content of oral cultures in Los Angeles, and explores photographically the transition to visual middle class culture.

Catabasis: Journey to the Underworld is in print and can be purchased from the Putah Creek Press as of Febuaray 1st 2007. Copies can be ordered by sending a check in the amount of $45 ($3.50 tax for CA residents only) to: The Putah Creek Press, P.O. Box 631, Winters, CA 95694.

A special hard-bound, limited to 25, elegantly boxed version of the work, together with a an 8.5x11 signed, archival print from any of the photographs in the book, may be purchased for $275 ($21.35 tax for CA residents only)sent to the Putah Creek Press, P.O. Box 631, Winters, CA 95694.

Larger prints from the work are also available. Please contact Joshua Freiwald by e-mail for more information.